Top 10 Cleaning Service Marketing Flyer, EDDM Postcard, Door Hanger, Etc. Design Templates

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Are you looking for Cleaning Service Marketing every door direct mail EDDM postcard design templates to download or design an example for inspiration? Well, you came to the right page. I’ve collected the best designs for you.

This one is a more clean and modern-looking cleaning service marketing postcard yet it’s a bold design that is really attention-grabbing.

1.Cleaning Service EDDM Direct Mail Template

For those of you who want to promote your house-cleaning services, this template will lend a helping hand. If you want to run a successful cleaning service marketing, then i say you can use this template without hesitation. The most interesting thing about this template is that you can book your required services within 60 seconds.

cleaning service direct mail templae

2.Cleaning Service EDDM Postcard Design

This can be the Ideal template for those who want to offer their house cleaning services on a discount basis. This template mentions their service type as well as their discount amount. Which will play a great role in your cleaning service marketing. So, grab the template today without delay.

cleaning service postcard design

3.Cleaning Service Canva Flyer Template

This flyer is built on three core services. These Services are: 1. Gutter Cleaning, 2. Concrete Cleaning, 3. Roof Cleaning. It also introduces the concept of Soft Wash House Washing Services. A special feature of this template is that it provides 24/7 days service. So, I think this will help you to manage your cleaning service marketing campaign in a healthy way.

cleaning service canva flyer

4.Pressure Washing Flyer Design of Canva Template

This flyer is intended made for those who are willing to provide cleaning services. It listed more than 10 types of services that will help you get your services. So, promote your cleaning service marketing through this flyer design template.

pressure washing flyer design

5.Pressure/Power Washing Door Hanger Template

Each design is created to promote a different business. This template is made in that perspective. This template describes 10+ service offerings that can turn your service into a brand quality. So why the delay? Adopt the template to quickly promote your cleaning service marketing.

power washing door hanger

6.House Cleaning Postcard Canva Template

An attempt has been made to highlight the external cleaning facility service through this template. 5 types of services are highlighted here. Also, this template has google review added and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Which will help your cleaning service marketing meet the right objectives.

house cleaning postcard template

7.Junk Removal Door Hanger Template Canva

This template is designed to promote the services of people who work to clear junk to a specific audience. This template shows their pre-service status and post-service status. Which is a standard marketing technique to take business to advanced level.

junk removal canva template

8.House Cleaning Service Flyer Template

This is Canva template flyer which is easy to use. It’s size 8.27×11.69 inches with bleed. It’s features is CMYK, 300 DPI, free font used. So, if you want to promote your cleaning service marketing then you can use it.

cleaning service flyer

9.Cleaning Service Marketing Material Template Bundle

This bundle makes it easy to decide which template to use for your cleaning service. Because there are multiple templates from which you can easily choose for your service. So, grab this bundle now to make your cleaning service marketing promotion easier.

marketing material template bundle

10.House Cleaning Door Hanger Canva Format

You can understand from the picture that this is a door hanger template. This template is designed to have special offers so that your customers are interested in availing the service. So, grab the template today to get better results in your cleaning service marketing.

house cleaning door hanger


You should learn how to clean the roofs without pressure so that your customers can get good service and stop blowing up the roofs with a pressure washer.
Direct mail services are unlikely to accept your address list unless you want to pay more than you should.
Direct mail services usually deal with mailings in thousands of people, such as entire postal codes.
There is great information in the marketing section if you are in a hurry, go and search and read as not everyone visits the site 24-7 and it can be days or weeks for an answer you are looking for, much faster to use the search box if you are in a hurry.

You don’t need to have your own postal license, you need to know how to bundle, apply face-to-face slips, barcodes, or any other complex postal requirements for discounted rates.
Way cheaper than a single stamp for the entire marketing package


The eye-catching postcard receives the attention of restaurant owners who need a new hood cleaner.
Keep your schedule tight and avoid last-minute cancellations by sending a Reminder card 10 days before each hood cleaning.

Market it to restaurant owners with the postcard and ask them to call you when they are looking for an alternative to their current hood cleaner.

Mailers can be the only way to get something right away, but we have found a personal visit that never hurts, the worst answer we get is that they have had the same cleaning agents for 10 years and are completely satisfied.
Higher-end companies are willing to pay you for every small thing, smaller ( 50 or fewer units ) just want the place to be clean enough to pass new tenant inspections.

Sending postcards to your customers and targeted neighborhoods are one of the best advertising returns.
P. S. Details are in the video and I’ ll show you some killer and educational postcard designs.
For most of your customers, you will often have better marketing success offline.


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