USPS EDDM® Size, Cost, Requirements, Template, & Examples 2022

USPS approved EDDM Sizes (eddm size requirements)

There are six sizes of USPS every door direct mail templates of EDDM postcard sizes approved by USPS.

USPS EDDM Template Download

Free EDDM Templates (perfect Printing layouts)

Custom designed EDDM Download
We have an extensive collection of custom design postcards and EDDM Templates. Find the one that best fits your business.

We recommend you choose a large size, which stands out from other postcards.

USPS EDDM® Size, Cost, Requirements Template

What are Every Door Direct Mail Templates (EDDM)?

Every Door Direct-mail EDDM templates are a unique US Postal Service (USPS) service. It’s similar to a Postcard but cheaper and more useful than a typical postcard. You will not need to know any receiver address. All you have to select the targeted area and USPS will do the rest.

We have designed a few layout eddm templates for you so that you can download them for free. You will find the perfect sizes for each dimension. We have included the EDDM templates indicia.

How to run a Direct Mail campaign?

The first step is getting the contents ready. I will take the design part from you. There is a lot of third parties EDDM templates service provider. I will be delighted to help you with both the design and running of the EDDM campaign.

Steps to Use our Free EDDM?

  • Steps to Use our Free EDDM Templates?
  • Keep all of your design texts and other elements inside the safe area
  • Include the EDDM templates Indicia and address area on the right side of the backside.
  • You don’t have to keep space for the receiver address since the EDDM specific address option included on our template.

What are the Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Templates?

Number one reason is, No mailing list required for EDDM®

  • Use the clean and straightforward address system by USPS, and you don’t have to spend money to buy a Mailing list.
  • You can choose your targeted neighborhood by carrier route or zip code.
  • Special Reduce posted rates for non-profit organizations.

Postage permits Not Required for Direct Mail EDDM® when using PFL.

  • Before Every Door Direct Mail EDDM®, You had to pay a costly Route Permit, which could be as expensive as $450 now, that it’s entirely free for EDDM® customers.

Better Conversion rates to bring more business success  

  • Stand out from the competition with attracting custom-designed EDDM templates by our Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Experts.
  • You can easily find new customers, bringing more traffic to your website or a local business which ends up bringing you more revenue.
direct mail size

Which business are fit for the EDDM templates Marketing Campaign?

EDDM is a great marketing tool for the business of any Size. Statistics say, with EDDM templates you can bring up to 70% more business.

  • Retails
  • Restaurants / Pizza
  • Auto dealerships
  • B2B Services
  • Medical professionals
  • Local health clinics and hospitals
  • Moving / Logistics Company
  • Dry cleaners
  • Contractors and home services
  • Attorneys
  • Realtors
  • Local arts and community organizers
  • Political Campaigns
  • Cleaning Service

How do you know if EDDM is wold be suitable for your business?

Before you join EDDM templates, it is best to consider what your business is going to benefit from it. You can weigh your benefits based on your target market and their background including their gender, race, level of income and their standard of living.

How much does eddm cost? What’s the difference with standard Postcard?

There is not much of a difference in savings between EDDM templates and standard-sized postcard mailing for some businesses, and this can be justified by the mode of business and industry. There is about 3 cents worth of savings on EDDM templates than the first-class postcard and about 7 cents more on the standard-sized letters. With EDDM postcards, you can be able to mail packages that are more attractive and appealing to the people that you are sending the mail to. But you should always compare the proposed packages before making a decision.

Moving Company Marketing

How to get the best out of the Direct Mail Campaign?

Many of our clients did direct mail eddm campaign and they shared their stories with us. That there is a secret of success, which has been mentioned is to strike the campaign two or more times. It does two things – first off everyone who didn’t pay attention to your first eddm templates postcard the first time has a second chance to do so.  This will help win twice.

You will save yourself money printing for large quantity and setting up two campaigns simultaneously.

How do you find a Design for Direct Mail?

You can find eddm templates design service in Fiverr as well as you can hire a designer from Upwork. However, I do have experiences or 3 years, and I’ve designed more than 200 eddm, and my clients are pleased with my services. They contact me every time they need a Postcard or any other marketing tools.

Every Door Direct Mail® Printing

There are few steps in EDDM Printing. Once you get, the design is done and ready for printing. Then there is 2 way to complete the printing and send them to customers. Some printer does the print job and sends the printed card to you so you can send to your customers using USPS.

Other printers make it simple for you. Therefore you have to place the order for print and shipping. The printer will take care of the rest. They will verify the counts, fill out the proper network, count out the bundles, adding appropriate facing/bundle slips. Packaging up the mail in a Priority Mail USPS shipment and Loading the letter up and delivering to the post office.

Which printer should you select to do this job?

Few Benefits of Using Direct Mail EDDM 

EDDM postcard sizes:

here are specific rules that must be applied to the sizing of the EDDM postcards. The sizes vary, and they can be very complex, but you can decrease the size of the template for cost-effective printing.

Choosing an EDDM printer:

To see and receive some savings, you need to buy a useful EDDM printer and employ an operator who can print postcards at a minimal cost. For the best-looking postcards, you should use 12 or 14pt card stock and top it off with UV lamination on one side.

Getting your mailing list:

You can do this the easy way or the long way. The easy way is getting the list from your computer characterized by the targeted zip code. The way is using the USPS website to access the zip code of your target audience.

Preparing your EDDM mail postcards:

To save yourself the headache of hard labor and too much administration. You should find an EDDM mailer who will bundle and deliver your postcards to the USPS and even ship them to the different cities and states that you have marketed.

You can track your EDDM response:

To know and to understand the return on your investment you should use the best technology to see and measure the response that you receive from your target audience.

With all this being said we encourage you to look at the great opportunities offered by EDDM and if you want to know more, you can contact us and we will not hesitate to help you.

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Templates & Specifications

Every Door Direct Mail

11×4 Direct Mail EDDM Template With Coupon Codes

Direct Mail template

9×6.5 Direct Mail EDDM Template With Coupone Codes

Restaurant template with coupon

9×6.5 Diret Mail EDDM Templates for Restaurant


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