How to Create a Proper Open House Sign-In Sheet

Open House Sign-in Sheet

As a realtor, one of your main goals during an open house is to collect contact information from potential homebuyers. An effective open house sign-in sheet can help you do just that. But what makes for an effective sign-in sheet? Here are a few tips: 

Include All the Necessary Information

Be sure to include all the necessary information on your sign-in sheets, such as your name, contact information, the address of the property being shown, and the date and time of the open house. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many realtors forget to include one or more of these key pieces of information. 

Make It Easy to Read and Fill Out

Your sign-in sheet should be easy to read and fill out. Use large font and leave plenty of space for people to write their information. The last thing you want is for potential homebuyers to get frustrated trying to figure out where to write their name or what information you need from them—they’re likely to give up and walk out the door without leaving their contact info. 

Include a giveaway or drawing

People are more likely to fill out your sign-in sheet if there’s something in it. Consider offering a freebie, such as a guide to choosing the right home loan or a list of energy-saving tips for homeowners. You could also draw for a prize, such as a $50 gift card. Just be sure to include all the details on the sign-in sheet, so people know what they need to do to enter. 

Here are some examples of proper sign-in sheets for open houses:-

1. Sign in Sheet for Open House Canva Template

sign in sheet open house

2. Canva Sign in Sheet Open House Template Model

3. Sign-in Sheet Template Model of Canva Format

4. Open House Sign-in Sheet Canva Layout

5. Printable Sign-in Sheet of Canva Layout Model


An effective open house sign-in sheet is key to collecting contact information from potential homebuyers. Ensure all the necessary information, make it easy to read and fill out, and offer a giveaway or prize draw to incentive people to leave their info. With these tips, you’ll be sure to gather leads that will help you sell more homes.


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