Real Estate Design Ideas (10+ Direct Mail Design Templates for Realtors)

home for sale postcard

If you are looking for real estate postcard ideas or real estate direct mail templates for marketing or for inspiration, you came to the right place. I going to present quite a few real estate postcard design for realtors.

If you are a realtor and wanted real estate postcard templates for your upcoming direct mail marketing campaigns, I can assure you won’t regret reading the full article. You will not only get real estate mailer ideas but you will explore a new possibilities because you will not longer have to hire graphic designer for eddm postcard design. Most of the real estate postcard design you going to see are online editable Canva template.

All you have to select a real estate marketing materials design and get it to edit and export print ready file by yourself.

So, without any further do, let’s get started.

1.Home for Sale Postcard Design Template

If you want to sell a house, the information about the house should be presented in front of everyone. So, that those who want to buy the house are aware about it. I think this real state postcard will help you take your business to another level.

home for sale postcard design

2.Just Listed Real Estate Postcard Canva Design Template

This design is only intended for those who want to do business in just listed real estate. 4 Items are highlighted here which are : 1. 4 Bed facilities, 2. 2 Bath facilities, 3. 2,032 sq.ft facilities, 4. 3-acre land facilities. It is also shown in the offer prize column here. You may change any information provided herein to suit your business needs.

just listed real state design templae

3.Selling A House Mailer EDDM Template

Open House Real Estate Postcard Design for real estate agents for open house event marketing.

selling a house mailer eddm templae

4.Real Estate Door Hanger Canva Design

This door hanger shows that we buy houses. By focusing on it, you can promote your business in front of everyone. So, grab this realistic design without delay. Because many experienced people believe in realism.  

4.Buying or Selling Real Estate Door Hanger Template

I think this template will very useful for those who want to move forward with their business buying and selling. Being a Canva template, it can be easily modified, and you can put your required information here.

If you are looking for a similar door hanger, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

real state door hanger

5.Open House Flyer Canva Design Template

This is an open house flyer template. It will support you in the same way that other designs will help you run your business. So you can use the template to make your business more attractive.

open house flyer design

6.House for Rent Real Estate Door Hanger Template

Many of us who own homes advertise them for rent. And you can use this template to rent out your house. This is a Canva template that can be easily modified. The size of the template is 4.25×11 inch.

house for rent template

7.Selling A House Marketing Material Canva Template Bundle

Those who want to reach out to target their buyers with home selling business can choose this template bundle. Because it has multiple designs that will help you save time. So order the template bundle today to save your business time.  

marketing material canva template

8.Real Estate Review Request Postcard Template for Realtors

Real Estate Review Request Postcard Template for Realtors. If you are a realtor and you want to build reputation online than this direct mail postcard is perfect for you to get quick reviews form your customers.

If you don’t want to hire a costly graphic designer to get a real state postcard design done then this is the right option. Thanks to Canva for making it easy for everyone. This is a Canva template, which mean you no longer have to hire a designer to get a postcard. You can edit and print by yourself.

real estate listing discount coupon direct mail template

9.KW Realty Real Estate Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Design (Canva Template)

KW Realty Real Estate Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Design (Canva Template). Realtor direct mail postcard design idea for designers. This postcard is for agencies wants to buying and selling service both in one postcard.

In the font side there is a property listing for just listed, just sold, etc. Also realtors post is featured promptly. It’s a direct mail eddm postcard, size 9×6.5 inch USPS compliant standard eddm. It’s nice, clean and modern.

KW Realty Real Estate Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Design

10.Home for Sale Social Media Banner Template

Banner marketing has existed for so long now, and God knows how much time it will stick around. Only you know what is correct for you and your enterprise. You might have noticed that if you receive items you ordered from various businesses, sometimes they have just the same sort of receipt in the box. Dropshipping businesses will never sell items at a considerable discount to individual sellers.

social media banner template

11.Real Estate Property Selling Yard Template Design

As we have already said that we create designs according to needs of businessmen. And this template is made for those who want to advertise property for sale.

property selling yard design

12.Real Estate Co-Branding EDDM Mailer Postcard (Canva template)

Home for sale Real Estate Agent Mail design template.

If you’re searching for targeted real estate advertising ideas, you’re in the correct location! Utilizing real estate postcards can be quite advantageous if one takes the opportunity to come up with an excellent campaign. If you choose not to obtain ours, you can create your own. No person or entity should act on the contents herein without appropriate expert suggestions and only after a comprehensive examination of their specific conditions.

Real Estate Agent Mail - Home for Sale Postcard

13.Open House Door Hanger Canva Design Template

This is a Canva template with a size of 4.25×11 inch. It’s feature is CMYK Format, 300 DPI, and free font used.

open house door hanger

14.Real Estate Listing Canva Postcard Design

Real Estate listing service postcard template for realtor. If your company owns a real estate listing service and want to promote that service through direct real estate eddm postcard, then you may consider this one. In the front side you you can declare the commission rate and previous success history. IN the front side you can add for just sold properly listing to showcase the success. It’s an online editable Canva template. So any one can easily edit this realtor direct mail postcard.


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